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hannahsarah @ 07:24 pm: Love is in the air!
My new dog is home! 

Miss Lilly was adopted by a family who had gotten their application in before mine.  I was heartbroken at first, but I was determined to rescue another dog.  I searched PetFinders, and I found "Buddy" down in Oregon. 
It just happened that he was about 20 minutes away from my grandmother, who I hadn't visited in quite a while.  Obviously, a road trip needed to happen!  Four hours down and four hours back, with a grandma visit in between, Buddy is finally home.  He has terrible separation anxiety right now, but he has a wonderful temperament and is very sweet and gentle.  He's already let me trim his toenails and give him a good brushing.  Right now he's curled up by my feet, snoring away.   

Now, on to this month's specials!

Coupon code LOVEYOU for 15% off everything, PLUS use code SHIPFREE for free shipping!  (Expires Feb. 28, 2011)

If this is a gift, let me know and I can ship to third parties.  I can also add a nice note from you if you'd like.  Of course, everything will be gift wrapped as usual.    Paypal only please, international shipping is OK!


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