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Ring in the New Year!

Did Santa have trouble reading your handwriting?  Did the Hanukah Fairy pass you by? 
Maybe your Bubbe gave you extra gelt, and you just don't know what to spend it on. 
Oh no, did you forget to buy a present for your third cousin twice removed? 
It's not too late to have a happy holiday at Rivkasmom!

Rings for men.

Rings for women.

Rings for teens and petites!

Confused, still can't decide?  Gift certificates are always available, and are good for a whole year. 
You can even use them with promotional coupon codes.

Speaking of coupon codes, that's what you're really here for, right? ;-)

50% off my entire stock!  Code SPARKLE2012

I hope you have a joyous, prosperous and healthy New Year,
and may all your wishes come true.
Happy Turtle!

Cyber Monday!!!

This is it, folks! 
Put down the leftovers, and get the good stuff before everyone else does! 
Remember, almost everything I make is one of a kind, so when it's gone, it's gone. 
Bookmarking for the future will not save you!

Brand new, hot off the bench.
Not even listed on the website yet!  You MUST email me to buy these special pieces, and I can send you
more pictures and measurements. Rivkasmom@gmail.com

Not even listed on the website yet.  WOW!  I went kinda crazy with this one.  Massive amounts of vintage
Czech glass beads, West German glass "opal" cabochons, hand panitated brass filigrees, dripping with
detail at every turn.  This necklace and earring set will retail for $375.00, but if you email me you can get it for $315.00

Here's another "over the top" beauty.  VERY old Czech crystal beads, glass "opals", vintage brass findings,
Swarovski crystal accents and a stunning peacock centerpiece.  I can make matching earrings for you if you like. 
Retail $295.00, email me directly and get it for $220.00, earrings are $25.00 extra.

Who's ready for a revival?  Egyptian Revival, that is!  Fabulous Czech cartouche beads, antique carved scarab
beads, lotus shaped bead caps, and a gorgeous queen centered on a vintage gold plate filigree.  This is
a sturdy and substantial piece, not for the shy.  Retail $215.00 email me to get this set for only $185.00

Dragonflies in the lilacs.  Get ready for Spring early this year, with this symphony in purples and violets. 
Vintage Czech glass beads and crystals, freshwater pearls, intricate silverplate filigree and a dozen tiny
dragonflies.  Necklace and earring set retail $145.00, get it now for $95.00  What a steal!

Big Red!  Bold and gorgeous, these vintage Czech pieces are sure to make  you the center of attention
this holiday season.  These beads are curated from my personal stash, and I sure with I knew where
to get more of them.  The iridescent heart in the bracelet is especially lovely with it's carved
floral motif and rich color.  Lots of Swarovski crystals are mixed into these designs for extra sparkle and shine. 
Necklace will retail for $135.00, email me now to get it for $95.00  The bracelet will retail for $155.00, as the
beads are more rare.  Get it in time for your big office celebration for only $115.00

Now, off to the website sale:

Paypal preferred, international shipping is no problem!

Happy Turtle!

Steampunk Jewelry Sale and Free Shipping!

First, the good news, I've finally been approved to sell on Amazon.com!   The bad news, they only want stark white backgrounds. The good news for YOU, everything on my site that has a background other than white or slightly off white ships for FREE, both domestically and internationally (I'll adjust the shipping cost when I pack your order, it's too hard to code everything individually).  Even better news, everything on the site is now 25% off until Oct 30th, so you can get all your Halloween and Steamcon accessories at a great price.  If you're looking for something fun, funky or offbeat, I now have an Artfirestore for all of my random projects. I'm also destaching a lof of my jewelry making supplies, beads, findings, etc.  I often have to buy in bulk from wholesalers to get the best prices, and now I can pass my surplus on to you at pennies above my cost.  I just want more room in my studio! Check out my ArtfireSupplies shop and watch for new bargains every week.  If you want to combine shipping with any of my shops, just drop me an email after you order and I'll make sure you get the very best rates possible.  I understand that every penny counts, and that you'd rather spend money on pretties instead of postage. Here are a few examples of items that are part of the free shipping deal. 

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Happy Turtle!

You're the boss!

Here's your chance to boss me around - after all, I work for YOU. 

Send me an email and tell me what you want to see, what you're looking for, and what you think is lacking in steampunk accessories.  In exchange for your valuable input, I'll send you your very own coupon code for 50% off of your next order, with NO expiration date.  You can even give the code to a friend as a present.

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Sorry for the inconvenience!
Happy Turtle!

Treat yourself like royalty!

It's the biggest wedding in London since Charles and Diana. 

No, not them, ME!  I got married this month,

that's why the newsletter is late.

In honor of the happy occasion, I'm offering 50% off of everything on my website!  From now until May 7th, anything you order, no matter how much or how little, is now offered to you at prices that are usually only available to my wholesale customers.  So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite bridal themed pieces, I hope you like them. Click each pic to take you directly to that item's listing, or just browse around at Rivkasmom.com.


Go ahead, treat yourself like royalty!  Coupon code MAZELTOV
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Happy Turtle!

Love is in the air!

My new dog is home! 

Miss Lilly was adopted by a family who had gotten their application in before mine.  I was heartbroken at first, but I was determined to rescue another dog.  I searched PetFinders, and I found "Buddy" down in Oregon. 
It just happened that he was about 20 minutes away from my grandmother, who I hadn't visited in quite a while.  Obviously, a road trip needed to happen!  Four hours down and four hours back, with a grandma visit in between, Buddy is finally home.  He has terrible separation anxiety right now, but he has a wonderful temperament and is very sweet and gentle.  He's already let me trim his toenails and give him a good brushing.  Right now he's curled up by my feet, snoring away.   
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Happy Turtle!

Two size 30 corsets and one velvet vest.

VERY image heavy. 

My mannequin is a size 12/14 with a 31 inch waist.  Please excuse any sloppy lacing on the corsets, my fibromyalgia is giving me heck today.  I DO accept trades on occasion, and I'm specifically looking for 26 inch corsets or any other fun steamy stuff. (I have lots of jewelry already.)  I can ship these to you in plenty of time for Steamcon. :-)  All prices include shipping to anywhere.  Smoke, pet, perfume free, clean and ready to wear!
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Thanks for looking, and don't be afraid to ask questions. :-D